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Getting Better All The time

Why does traditional publishing get so excited about debut novels? I understand that there’s excitement to be had about the next big thing, the new model, latest craze, fresh, original, up to the minute, must have, must read book . … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block – Myth or Reality?

I recently script edited a talented writer who wrote a terrific story outline, an excellent scene-by-scene breakdown but, when it came to the first draft, instead of flying through it and delivering on the promise of her preparation, she not … Continue reading

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Taking Stories Apart

Recently I gave a writer some screenwriting advice and like most of my suggestions to other people – it’s something I needed to do myself. If you admire the writing of any TV show or film or novel, or you … Continue reading

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Be My Friend

Next week, October 10th, my first full novel will be available on Amazon. For a script editor, it’s a little odd to be sitting on the other side of the table, waiting for the feedback, waiting for the tough review, … Continue reading

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Bitten by Crime – Why it took so long for me to write my psychological crime novel

This post is not what you think. This isn’t a tale of writer’s block and the desperate struggle to fill empty pages. Through the years, I’ve written fairly steadily; comedy, children’s, fantasy, factual drama, but never stories that involve the … Continue reading


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Writers are Noble, Writers are Brave…

…to paraphrase Nigel Molesworth Reading about R J Ellory’s “sock puppeting” in other words, saying great things about himself and rubbishing his writer competitors I was struck not by the perfidy of what he’d been doing nor even wondering why … Continue reading

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Research – Toss it over your Shoulder?

In this month’s Writers’ Forum Magazine, author Jenny Colgan is interviewed. She says ‘People get bogged down in research, it’s a total waste of time.’ And she urges writers to focus on the characters. Whilst I am in full agreement … Continue reading

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