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Taking Stories Apart

Recently I gave a writer some screenwriting advice and like most of my suggestions to other people – it’s something I needed to do myself. If you admire the writing of any TV show or film or novel, or you … Continue reading

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Audible Sound Bites

To celebrate the release on Audible and iTunes of Short Season, a Darkbridge story, I have discounted my first Darkbridge novel, Be My Friend for one week. I also made a perfect Christmas pudding. If you email me at merle@merlenygate.com, … Continue reading

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Be My Friend

Next week, October 10th, my first full novel will be available on Amazon. For a script editor, it’s a little odd to be sitting on the other side of the table, waiting for the feedback, waiting for the tough review, … Continue reading

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Feel The Fear and Write It Anyway

At the moment I’m developing a new project and as I do so, I’m conscious of the stages that I’m going through because no matter how many writing projects I develop, the fear process is always the same. Step 1 … Continue reading

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Bitten by Crime – Why it took so long for me to write my psychological crime novel

This post is not what you think. This isn’t a tale of writer’s block and the desperate struggle to fill empty pages. Through the years, I’ve written fairly steadily; comedy, children’s, fantasy, factual drama, but never stories that involve the … Continue reading

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