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Feared by the Bad, Loved by the Good

Recently I script edited a radio play about Robin Hood. Bouncing the script back and forth to the sometimes beleaguered but always hard working writer, Iain, I couldn’t help wonder why the idea of challenging the rich, powerful and corrupt … Continue reading

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Write What You Know… Is this really a good idea?

In the dark dawn, as I scoffed porridge topped with home made mincemeat before wrestling with annual accounts, “Yes, yes, I’m doing it,” I scanned last week’s Broadcast.  It struck me – yet again – how fundamental an arresting story … Continue reading

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Love, Success, Failure, Disaster and Christmas Stuffing

When it comes to writing, editing and even photography, to quote Moilere, first I did it for love, then for a few close friends, then for money.   When it comes to cooking, I’ve only ever done it for love and … Continue reading

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