Top Tips for Author Interviews on Radio

Yesterday I did my first author interview on Brooklands Radio, in Weybridge, Surrey for Be My Friend, the first in the Darkbridge series of psychological suspense novels.

DSCF8666I was nervous because although I’ve talked to groups of people, the last time I did a radio interview I was about as engaging as a wet flannel. For the gibbering interview, I was supposed to be talking about teaching screenwriting – something I happen to know a little bit about. But you’d never have guessed it from listening to me. This was because I was badly prepared.

So for yesterday’s interview I did some preparation and while I am certainly not Terry Wogan or Chris Evans, at the end of the fifteen minute slot, I didn’t feel that I had let down either myself, or more importantly, that I had let down the book that I am now sending out into the world.

The key things to remember are:-

1     Decide what the points are that you want to make.

In my case the most important point was that my focus is on the reader. And if the reader doesn’t like what I’ve written, then I’ve failed.   So I tried to repeat this a couple of times.

2     Imagine you’re talking to someone you know and like. Smile.

3     Take a few deep breaths before the beginning.

4     Use your hands to give life to your voice – but don’t hit the mike.

5     Try to increase your energy when you speak because TV and radio flatten.


My book is FREE till Friday on:-


The interview is being repeated on Thursday between 8-9 pm on:-

Afterwards it will be available on my website.

Like I said, I certainly wasn’t Terry Wogan but I just might be able to listen to it without feeling physically ill.




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