With a Little Help From…


On October 10th this year, my novel BE MY FRIEND is going to be published.

At the moment it is being edited by dear friend and esteemed writer Harriet Castor who besides having written many children’s books has had great success with her young adult novel VIII about Henry VIII.

The draft has also just been read by another good friend Isabelle Grey,  a talented TV writer and novelist (Out of Sight, Bad Mother, Accused among a hefty list of projects). In addition, another respected friend, Joanne Maguire, highly skilled TV writer on the Bill and EastEnders has given me notes.   Collectively and individually, these friends know a thing or two.


Feedback so far is good and – even better – consistent.

When I facilitate scriptwriters who are giving feedback on each other’s projects, among other things, I say:   “If one person gives you a note, feel free to ignore it. If two people say the same thing, listen hard and seriously consider the note.  And if three people make the exact same comment, don’t argue, just make the bloody change.”

Consequently, I am close to changing the perhaps quirky ending as well as tweaking what I thought was a pleasing viewpoint shift since both Isabelle and Joanne honed in like missiles on those exact same points.

I await Harriet’s thumbs up or thumbs down with calm.  I am ready to take my own advice, not argue and just make the bloody changes.

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2 Responses to With a Little Help From…

  1. Karen Wyle says:

    Great! Will you novel be available in the states too?

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