Writers!!! Save Money With This One Tip!!!


Excuse the exclamation marks but this post is supposed to be like those ads that pop up, unbidden, about the secret of losing seven inches of belly fat or looking 20 years younger.

Incidentally, the secret of looking younger seems to be that all you have to do is take the cling film (Saran wrap) off your face. Obvious really.  But I digress. My revelation is as big as losing belly fat and getting youthful looking skin…  And guaranteed!

At the moment, I am script editing two talented writers. Both have strong ideas, have created an arresting central character and both write terrific dialogue. But both writers are making the same mistake that 85% of writers make.   Yes, 85%!

If you deal with this one problem, then your work will get to the top of the pile and you will save yourself a heap of money paying money-grabbing script editors, such as myself, to tell you the same thing.

Are you ready…?

All you have to do is give your central character a tangible goal. By tangible, I mean something that we can see.  Happiness, peace of mind, self-realisation, are not tangible goals.   They are a by-product of a tangible goal.  A tangible goal is: get to Mexico, rescue sister from kidnappers, win beauty pageant, uncover mole in intelligence service, win the iron throne, stop airport runway being built, etcetera.

It’s that simple. And that difficult.

Why this makes a story work is another issue. I believe it’s to do with fiction being a metaphor for learning to take action.

But enough of that. Save money. Give your central characters tangible goals. Your story’s belly fat will disappear and your central character will become twenty years younger. Or your money back!


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