Rubbish in Art, Art in Rubbish

Last week I caught up with an old friend, Hagar Fletcher, who has created something wonderful. ‘Nature Preserved’ was installed in Zara the first week of April for Milan‘s Fashion Week. They are renting it for six months so it can be seen there until mid-October.  Before Milan, it was on exhibit in Venice at the Arte Laguna Contemporary Art exhibition.

Image 3

Hagar inherited 2,000 plastic bags from a pal whose business had collapsed. She didn’t want to throw them away as she’s passionate about the environment and of course, plastic is the big bad, so she offered the bags to shops. And they all said the same thing: We have too many plastic bags already.

So that made Haga think. If nobody knows what to do with all those bags, that will pollute the planet for a thousand years, why not make a work of art out of those plastic bags, and that will last a thousand years?

Working side by side with three Eritrean refugees, Hagar has made a truly exquisite garden out of the bags, recycled bottles, plastic bottles and tops, telephone cables, electric cables, all plastic and all plastic garden netting- all recycled.

Image 1

And the best bit is that it’s beautiful. It’s art, it’s true to Hagar and it reflects her soul and her passion.

It reminded me that if we’re not true to ourselves, then there can be no truth in our work – whatever the medium and whatever the genre.


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